Address Tax Map No. Historic Name Site Number
228 Baker Street764-14-00-014Samuel Leland Baker House326-0460
Baker Street,
east from Morrison St.
204 Charlotte Street764-14-00-108Sarah Butler Doar House326-0425
210 Charlotte Street764-14-00-111Martha G. Doar House326-0424
216 Charlotte Street764-14-00-112 326-5663
369 Drayton Street764-15-00-001Old Bethel A. M. E. Church
Old Bethel A. M. E. Cemetery
316 Dupre Road764-15-00-013 326-5665
406 Dupre Road764-00-00-240Dilligard House326-0489
420 Dupre Road764-00-00-238Sheppard House326-0488
434 Dupre Road764-00-00-236White House326-0487
Kit Hall Road744-00-00-031McClellan House;
Silver Hill Plantation House
124 Liberty Street764-10-00-016 326-0476
12   Morrison Court764-10-00-059Richard Leland Morrison House326-0464
32   Morrison Court764-10-00-057John Marion Lofton, Jr. House326-0466
608 Morrison Street764-14-00-074Ursula B. McGillivray House326-0430
625 Morrison Street764-14-00-092Richard Tillia Morrison, II House326-0449
635 Morrison Street764-14-00-138Mary A. Mills House326-0450
703 Morrison Street764-14-00-087J. O. Murray/ Scott-Cain House326-0451
710 Morrison Street764-14-00-035 326-0462
721 Morrison Street764-14-00-079 326-0463
735 Morrison Street764-14-00-077 326-0465
1158 N. Pinckney St764-07-00-009 326-5661
102 Oak Street764-14-00-073Ursula B. Morrison House326-0429
114 Oak Street764-14-00-072Dr. Horace W. Leland House326-0431
119 Oak Street764-14-00-105Rutledge Baker Leland House326-0428
120 Oak Street764-14-00-070James Hibben Leland House326-0432
125 Oak Street
(127 Oak per Chas Co.)
764-14-00-106Louis Augustus Whilden House
Doar Kitchen building
Dr. Stephen Doar's Office
126 Oak Street764-14-00-069Charlton Henry Leland House326-0433
140 Oak Street764-14-00-067Eugenie Morrison Graham House326-0434
144 Oak Street764-14-00-066Robert Venning Morrison House326-0435
205 Oak Street764-14-00-109St. James Episcopal Church326-0423
208 Oak Street764-14-00-065Capt. Robert Hepburn Morrison House326-0436
212 Oak Street764-14-00-135Clay Travers House326-0437
217 Oak Street764-14-00-113Henry Michael Lofton, Jr. House326-0422
218 Oak Street764-14-00-064John Marion Lofton, Sr326-0438
226 Oak Street764-14-00-063C. M. Lofton House326-0419
Old Cemetery Road,
South End, at Jeremy Creek
744-00-00-142New Wappetaw Presbyterian
Church Cemetery
405 Pinckney Street766-02-00-020U.S. Biological Survey Office
McClellanville Watch Tower
408 Pinckney Street766-07-00-002John Hugh Graham House326-0410
423 Pinckney Street766-02-00-019 John Y. Dupre House326-0401
431 Pinckney Street766-20-00-018Lillian Farmer Lucas House326-0408
506 Pinckney Street766-03-00-003Martha A. Taylor House326-0406
514 Pinckney Street766-03-00-004Eliza Ann Taylor Murray House326-0405
528 Pinckney Street766-03-00-007Wade Hampton Graham House326-0404
532 Pinckney Street766-03-00-026James Osgood McClellan, Sr. House326-0403
533 Pinckney Street766-02-00-010Point Plantation House; Old Point House326-0409
546 Pinckney Street766-03-00-010James Armstrong Lofton House326-0411
549 Pinckney Street766-02-00-005Robert Edward Graham House326-0413
554 Pinckney Street766-03-00-011Julia R. Lofton King House326-0412
555 Pinckney Street764-14-00-116Ida Brailsford Whilden House326-0447
559 Pinckney Street764-14-00-115Sallie McClellan Fairchild House326-0414
568 Pinckney Street766-03-00-014McClellanville Methodist Episcopal
606 Pinckney Street
(facing Dupre Street)
764-15-00-014Millard F. Skipper House326-0416
624 Pinckney Street764-15-00-017Shokes House326-0417
634 Pinckney Street764-15-00-019Arthur Skipper House326-0418
635 Pinckney Street
(no address per Chas Co)
764-14-00-060New Wappetaw
Presbyterian Church
704 Pinckney Street
(304 Drayton Street)
764-15-00-034Julius Brown House326-0454
711 Pinckney Street764-14-00-026McClellanvlle Public School
rear of school
718 Pinckney Street764-15-00-036Elias Whilden McClellan House326-0457
816 Pinckney Street
(818 per Chas Co.)
764-11-00-014King Brothers General Store326-5662
822 Pinckney Street764-11-00-016R. F. Morrison Building326-0468
824 Pinckney Street764-11-00-017Graham Store/
The Red Cross Pharmacy Building
825 Pinckney Street764-10-00-032Lofton Store326-0469
829 Pinckney Street
(2nd building on lot)
764-10-00-034Tommy Ward's Garage Building326-0459
838 Pinckney Street764-11-00-021Col. William Morrison Toomer House;
Fair Oaks
841 Pinckney Street764-10-00-030Helen Beckman Smith House326-0471
845 Pinckney Street764-10-00-029Ludwig Armstrong Beckman House326-0472
916 Pinckney Street764-07-00-003William Peter Beckman House326-0473
936 Pinckney Street
(92 survey 935)
764-10-00-001Beckman Schoolhouse326-0474
941 Pinckney Street764-10-00-002Minnie Beckman Cash House326-0475
971 Pinckney Street764-10-00-004Ella Skipper Sessions House326-0478
Pinckney Street;
and Oak Street
764-14-00-062 Memorial Park326-0420
Pinckney Street
(SW corner of Pinckney
and Oak)
764-14-00-114 326-5666
Pinckney Street
NW corner with Liberty St.
764-10-00-006 326-0477
211 Rutledge Court766-02-00-017Archibald Hamilton Seabrook House326-0407
208 Rutledge Court
(3 Rutldege Court
per Chas Co)
766-02-00-016Arthur Stanland McClellan "Summer Home"326-0402
104 Scotia Street764-14-00-034 326-0452
207 Scotia Street764-14-00-055Robert Harley Peacock House326-0442
211 Scotia Street764-14-00-056David McNab Mackintosh House326-0443
217 Scotia Street764-14-00-057Eugenie MacIntosh Morrison House326-0444
223 Scotia Street764-14-00-058 326-0453
Scotia Street,
south from Morrison St
614 Venning Street764-14-00-052 326-0448
617 Venning Street764-14-00-051 326-5664
622 Venning Street764-14-00-053Lucille Morrison Leland Cottage326-0439
631 Venning Street764-14-00-039Mary Morrison Brailsford House326-0440
632 Venning Street
(per Chas. Co)
764-14-00-054New Wappetaw Presbyterian Manse326-0441
559 Water Street764-14-00-107Arthur Orlando Atkinson House326-0426
924 Weston Road764-00-00-106 326-0480
219 Williams Court764-10-00-039St. John Missionary Baptist
Church and Cemetery